VmShell APPv3.1.7

VmShell APPv3.1.7

  • Monday, 15th January, 2024
  • 17:30pm

VmShell mobile/IPAD version APP3.1.7 officially released (monitoring and SSH functions)

Updated to be backward compatible with the IOS operating system (the previously set version was too high, 17.20, and the current version is from). The upgraded VMSHELL application is mainly used to manage virtual machine server operation monitoring and SSH management not limited to those provided by VMSHELL. Commonly used Operation and maintenance Linux management scripts, tool software, you can check the running status of all virtual machines without logging in to the APP, and control the CPU/memory/hard disk/speed/traffic usage of the virtual machines at any time! The AppStore download address for IOS/IPAD is: https://apps.apple.com/au/app/vmshell/id1615424623, or directly search for "VmShell" in the AppStore to download;

VmShell INC was established in 2021. The company is located in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA. We provide virtual machine server rental/software development services in global Internet data centers, covering 10Gbps San Jose full-streaming media (CHAT/TIKTOK, etc.) data centers in the Americas and China Mobile's CMI high-speed network data center in Hong Kong, Asia's fast network channel, will add Hong Kong 10Gbps Southeast Asia network support in 2024, providing high-speed networks in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Network coverage services that facilitate enterprises to conduct business in Southeast Asia.

The upgraded VMSHELL application is mainly used for management, which is not limited to virtual machine server operation monitoring, SSH management, and common operation and maintenance Linux management scripts provided by VMSHELL. The tool software does not require logging in to the APP. You can view the running status of all virtual machines at any time. Control the CPU/memory/hard disk/speed/traffic usage of the virtual machine. We will continue to improve the Linux technology exchange community in the future. We are further improving more functions. Stay tuned for the MACOS version system! This software will be continuously updated.

VMSHELL is not only a free Linux server operation and maintenance monitoring manager, we are also a high-quality basic network provider

VmShell provides high-speed Hong Kong CMI network services, ToToTel provides Singapore and other global enterprise cloud service networks, and is a gaming enterprise network service provider! Welcome to the VmShell Chinese TeleGram channel/group: https://t.me/vmshellhk