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VmShell adds Hong Kong native IP, CMI line 350MBps/500MBps burst

21st Apr 2021

Recently, the CMI network has been brought into fire again by VmShell. The education network of China Mobile, Telecom, China Unicom, and especially the campus is directly connected to Hong Kong. The ping value of the education network in particular is as low as 35ms; it far exceeds the expectations of many customers. At present, VmShell The price ...

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How to manage your VPS with SolusVM (Vmshell For KVM)

20th Apr 2021

We use KVM technology for virtualization on our VPS severs. KVM delivers 133% increase in disk speed performance comparing to XEN technology. This article describes main features of Solus VM with KVM Virtualization Type. For XEN Virtualization Type use this guide. Solus Virtual Manager (SolusVM) is a powerful GUI-based VPS management system ...

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Note on the recent network may sometimes lose connection(Don't high SpeedTest)

3rd Apr 2021

You are welcome to use the cloud computing service provided by vmshell. The real bandwidth of our servers in the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) computer room is close to 350MB/S. We have also added free firewall defense functions to our customers for free. The network speed is really fast. , But this also brings us a trouble, that is, the instantaneous ...

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