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  • US-SanJose-Net

    • US-SanJose-10Gbps
      TIKTOK All Media OF USA
      Intel 2630L V3 CPU Core
      Support KVM IPV6 Network
      700GB /Monthly Transfer
      Bandwidth - 10Gbps Net
      1 Dedicated United State IP
      *Add 1$/Mo To 1TB BW
      *Annual Free To 1TB BW
      *Annual Free To 1GB RAM
    From $3.99/mo
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  • CMI-GeneralIP-VPS

    • CMI-General-IP-VPS
      --HK.CMI - Tiktok.US--
      Intel E5-2660 1 vCPU Core
      SSD 8 GB 384MB RAM
      SWAP 1024 Mb KVM
      500GB/Monthly Transfer
      Bandwidth - 120Mbps CMI
      1 Generally IP NOT HK IP
      Only Allow Annual Payment
      Limited Technical Support
    From $59.99/yr
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