March 23, 2021: Vmshell INC officially launches the Hong Kong high-speed CMI line VPS experience data center;
April 11, 2021: Vmshell INC opened the Asia Pacific (Chinese) TeleGram group  to invite customers/partners to jointly supervise Vmshell operations/finance, transparent and open, with nearly 1,000 members;
April 12, 2021: Vmshell INC merged into the Hong Kong CMI VPS triple play backhaul monitoring system  (Historical network connection quality of mainland nodes monitor);
April 13th, 2021: The Vmshell INC line was recognized by the senior host of HostLoc as "shaking IPLC Second Bricklayer HKCN2-VmShell New Merchant Asia-Pacific Hong Kong CMI Commercial Broadband Magic Line", which was fully recognized by professional forum members for the quality of our network. The original link address:  (long-term update to Vmshell Trends News Post);
April 19, 2021: Vmshell INC signed and paid for a one-year Hong Kong native IP cooperative lease with a Hong Kong IP provider network company to provide stable IP agreement services for users in the Asia-Pacific region;
April 22, 2021: Vmshell INC ushered in the one-month celebration of the establishment of the Asia-Pacific data center, and completed the Asian customer pair (advance renewal / user product transfer / control panel UI optimization and other functional upgrades), fully compatible with all browsing Device;
April 22, 2021: Vmshell INC according to the customer's suggestion: increase network traffic, gradually return to market prices, and provide high-quality, optimized, and stable networks to provide users with high-quality services;
May 11, 2021: The new version of Vmshell INC's official website is online, PayPal payment aais opened, and Netflix shared rental business is added!

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